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Eine form forte betont den städtebaulich wichtigen Standort
Situation und Baukörper
Die Nutzungen sind vertikal gestapelt
In der Fassade sind die unterschiedlichen Nutzungen ablesbar
Die Wohnungen verfügen über einen grossen Balkon

2020 | Lausanne | socio-educational home for children | competition

The subject of the competition was a socio-educational boarding school for children between the ages of six and 16. The institution in the center of Renens, Lausanne, was founded in 1916 by the parish of Renens to take in orphans. The new building is intended to implement current educational concepts and standards and increase the capacity. The project accommodates all the required functions under a flat pitched roof. As a clear structure, it confidently presents itself in a prominent urban location. In the inner courtyard, the shape is bent to showcase an existing lime tree. The crèche, after-school care and boarding school are organized by story. The rooms of the residential groups are oriented towards the lime tree. The building is designed as a timber frame construction with two load-bearing and bracing cores made of concrete. The TS3 system was planned for the ceilings. Here, wooden elements are joined together at the front with a special composite adhesive, which gives them the properties of concrete with economical spans of up to eight meters.

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