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Wettbewerb Seniorenresidenz Trix
städtebauliches Modell

2006  |   Retirement settlement au Lac in  Biel   |   Architecture competition

2006 // 

New construction of the Trix Foundation senior residence // Biel // Project competition 2nd place

The seniors' residence "au Lac" includes 73 retirement apartments with 1.5 to 4.5 rooms and a dementia department with 4 residential groups of 11 rooms each.

The retirement apartments are designed for living in an urban environment, taking into account the requirements of older people and additional care options. All apartments are oriented to the west, south or east and have a spacious, sunny loggia. The inner courtyard promotes contact among the building's users and creates varied views for the apartments facing it.


Property developer // Trix Foundation, Biel & Progeno, Biel
Architects // Ivo Sollberger, Lukas Bögli, in collaboration with Nandita B. Boger
Collaboration // Maurizio Chirico
Landscape architect // 4D landscape architects, Bern



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